Proliving store

Our Objective

To provide only the BEST Quality and nutritious, non-toxic, naturally grown groceries and vegetables directly from farmers to consumers.

Avoiding middlemen so that farmers as well as consumers get best price. Consumers should be able buy without any fear of adulteration , introduce healthy alternatives to their family members to make our next generation healthy.

About our Farmers

All our groceries and vegetables come directly from our natural farmers. Most of our farmers have been doing traditional natural farming for many years. We are happy to share that more than 50% of our farmers are women.

Most of our farmers are well educated and have turned to Natural Farming because of their passion. Some of our farmers are still doing corporate jobs Monday to Friday and farming on Weekends . All of our farmers use  different methods of natural farming but have a unique goal of providing non-toxic food to everyone . We can also guide any wannabe natural farmers.

About our Food Processors

In our fast city life, processed food come handy for everyone. We sell processed food items like various flours, mixed flours, pickles, cookies and baby food products made from natural produce only. We are proud to say that all of our food processors are super talented women who are highly educated yet believe in our traditional product-making knowledge. They always make sure that nutritional value is not compromised during the process.

About Initiators

: Our owners Tejaswini and Mahendra are both from IT background. On returning to India after working abroad, they always wanted to use their IT background to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.


Mahendra volunteered in many environment and farmer related NGO activities, learned more about farming techniques, understood the challenges in Farming and Supply Chains.

He realised that Natural Farming helps  in maintaining the soil quality and improves overall eco system.


Tejaswini and Mahendra both felt that traditional Natural Farming is the way to go and to encourage natural farmers, we must create a market where a farmer can get the price they deserve.

Thus began Pro Living Natural Store , an online market where natural farmers sell their products to consumers directly.

Our Customers

You all are our customers whom we would like to educate on Natural Farming and Natural Products. We encourage our customers to try growing their vegetables and provide all necessary information and materials to start your own terrace garden.

We would like to thank you all for showing the interest in our products and helping us with feedback. Please keep sending us feedback.


We request you all to spread the word about our initiative so that we can help more and more natural farmers.


Natural/Organic/SPNF/Jaivik/Sendriya. What are these exactly??

Yes people use these terms as per their preference and knowledge. But these are different farming methods with same objective: Produce toxin-free food.


Natural Farming is the most ideal way of farming and it takes years to build that. It is the eco system where you have all required elements in farm like beehives, earthworms, micro organisms, well, trees that can provide mulching etc

How to Order

  1. Via Website 🖥 https://prolivingstore.in
  2. Via Mobile 📱 Download Wrio App from Google Play and search Pro Living Store.
  3. Via Phone Call /. WhatsApp: 7798982716