Gau-Amrut (गौ अमृत)

Gau-Amrut (गौ अमृत)


The urine of Indian cow is mixed with naturally occurring organic components and processed with different bio-organic ingredients to make Gau-Amrut.
provides all the essential nutrients,vitamins,enzymesand homones required for the healthy growth of all kinds of plants amd trees.With the use of Gau-Amrut the growth of plants is robust, quantity of harvest increases and the quality of fruits and flowers improves.

Average amount of organic matter and crop nutrients in organic manure.
(सेंद्रिय खतामध्ये सेंद्रिय पदार्थ आणि पिकाच्या पोषक द्रव्यांची सरासरी मात्रा.)
Nitrogen(N)- 1.00%
Phosphorus(P)- 0.02%
Potassium(K)- 1.35%